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Hunan Changsha Xiangdong black goat breeding breeding base was founded in early 1994, the establishment of more than ten years, the development of farmers more than 2000, excellent varieties are unified by the government to introduce, Changsha government only demonstration base, the key support of the Hunan Agricultural University, Hunan biological electromechanical university research base, has the fine varietie......
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·Hunan University veterinary students practice in (2014-6-11)
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·With "black goat kingdom" dream "the village" at (2014-6-11)
·Chaling mountain farmers to raise black goat (2014-6-11)
·Dazu black goat on the national protection list (2014-6-11)
·Liuyang this year, raising the main push Xiangdo (2014-6-11)
·Liling black goat industry to create resource sa (2014-6-11)
·The Provincial Department of Finance allocated t (2014-6-11)
·Xiang Dong Black Goat Breeding of 4 new base (2014-6-11)
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